Holsteiners Sold

Rusalka CL by Aljano out of a Cor de la Bryere - Literat dam sold to Germany

Colano by Colman out of a Feenspross  -  Calvados II dam sold to Germany

Libretto by Landgraf Georg out of a Chairman dam sold to Camden, South Carolina

Igloo by Limoncello IIout of Cassini II - Feenspross dam
sold to Columbia, South Carolina

Citadel by Canabis Z out of Cassini II - Lavaletto dam
sold to Aiken, South Carolina

Lillien by Linaro out of Risotto - Lorenz dam
sold to Charleston, South Carolina

Leon by Los Alamos out of a Cato - Napoleon dam 
sold to Germany

Aviation by Lintas out of a Levantos II dam
sold to Asheville, North Carolina

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